Five dogs that grow with your babies

  1. Retrievers lab or golden retriever dogs are excellent companions for growing children, their
    friendly and patient disposition makes them perfect for curious toddlers. Their energy and
    playfulness makes them perfect play buddies for kids.

  2. Lhasa also these small dogs are lovable and intelligent animals, they are quite energetic and very affectionate, they enjoy cuddles and would be perfect anytime buddies for your kid.


  3. French bulldog, this dog was raised for French aristocrats as a toy dog, it adapts well to luxury
    and quiet lifestyles its size also makes it very adorable as a puppy, it is energetic and has a
    sweet disposition.

  4. Cocker spaniels these dooey eyed dogs are sweet and affectionate, they love attention and
    would enjoy the curiosity of children, they also love walks and exercises therefore would enjoy
    playtime with the kids.

  5. Maltese these dogs are absolutely lovable with their cheerful disposition, they are intelligent
    and curious dogs, they are beautiful small dogs that give off a friendly vibe which the little kids
    will appreciate.

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