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Today is about Yoki, the mad eskimo-ish dog, when I first met him he was a scrawny terrifying little rascal, “Marlian” we called him, he was being raised in a house with 2 other bigger breed dogs; a rott and a boerboel and the day I met him I was bringing him a new brother a German shepherd, so you understand why he had to be fierce,

Yoki loves to be loved, cuddles, touches, walks, scratches, all of it, but if you come close he growls, why, he was so not used to it, he had been left alone alot,
Well, today Yoki is my pal, we walk together he barks when he hears me let’s me touch his wounded ear(after 2hrs of petting) and he doesn’t bite, asides that hes chunkier and has more hair now, so ‘Marlian’ doesn’t suit him ‘Star boy’ is the new name please. Lol.

Dogs love attention and affection, thats the moral of our story today.

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